Leeds Portable Offices – a Marque of Success

Leeds Portable Offices

Leeds office has continued to achieve considerable success throughout the winter with schools’ contracts, relationships with housebuilders continuing to flourish and with on-going cabin orders from new and existing clients.

As one of the largest car dealership groups in the country continues its growth pattern, Leeds office has stepped in to provide a state-of-the-art sales suite for the newly launched Rolls Royce Leeds dealership.

This two bay unit provides a luxury statement with walnut doors and trim and glazed partition units with low level lighting and a contemporary kitchen, showcasing a classic upmarket image synonymous with one of the UK’s most prestigious brands.

Manager, Becky Scholefield said: “Our brief was to provide a sales suite that complimented this luxury marque and that is what has been achieved. It is amazing how a portable unit can be transformed and indeed elevated into such an upmarket hub that reflects this pinnacle of classic elegance.”

The team then moved on to provide a five bay unit for additional classroom space for a school in County Durham.

With so many orders to fulfil, there has been a steady influx of new cabins into the depot which are going out to house builders as sales and marketing suites.

There has also been a lot of additional work upgrading and refurbishing units which has resulted in an increased workload for the yard team. Further investment in yard facilities has seen the introduction of a new two bay unit to provide the latest workshop space for the team.

Becky continues: “The yard team now has the latest workshop facilities established alongside a store area which provides them with a warm, secure space for upgrading and refurbishing units.”

Investing in its people has always been a priority for Portable Offices and this recently resulted in the company enlisting the support of Uspire to implement a countrywide workplace training programme that includes every single member of staff across all five depots.

“Leeds depot recently undertook an ‘away day’ training programme and I was delighted by the response to the training and felt it really increased staff understanding of the roles of their peers and generated improved motivation across the board. For us, it really came at the right time as the team is now well established with a strong customer base and with state-of-the-art facilities to showcase the Portable Offices’ range, so it helped us to pull together,” Becky concluded.

For more information contact Leeds office on 0113 253 7933

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