Local School Flood – Derby depot to the Rescue

school flood

School Flood – Urgent help

The Portable Offices’ team is experienced in providing a fast-turnaround on its units, but this took on a whole new meaning when a local school was devastated by a flood just a few weeks ago and needed an emergency classroom in just two weeks. Derby operation promptly responded to the crisis – the yard team pulled out all the stops and worked around the clock to refurbish a double modular classroom.

The school – Landau Forte Academy in Derby – was delighted with the result which is now providing temporary accommodation for its pupils while the traditional building is refurbished.
With a buzzing order book, the operation has maintained a steady flow of contracts throughout the winter including a large building for a utilities company in Cumbria and another six bay unit for a civil engineering company establishing a new site.

New appointments & Training

The appointment of a new staff member – Kayleigh Harrison – as Account Manager, Operations, has given the team a boost.

Derby has also benefited from the countrywide training initiative implemented by Portable Offices. Mark Francis of Uspire involved the entire team in a series of workshops designed to motivate and build a strong team spirit.

Portable Offices’ Operations Manager, Bob Davies, commented:
“The training went down really well with everyone and I feel that it made everyone understand the importance of their role in each customer’s experience. It was an empowering experience for everyone and made them feel valued as an individual through the fact that the company was investing in each and every single team member. It has improved motivation across the entire spectrum of the office and yard workforce.

“Our yard team is one of the busiest; producing and refurbishing units for all of the other depots and I was delighted to see how positively they responded to the training. They are high achievers and our yard foreman, Scott Grainger, is results driven and pays great attention to detail. Often our refurbished units look as good as new by the time they leave here.
“It is rewarding to invest in our great team and see how it pays dividends.”

For more information contact Derby depot on: 01283 585822.

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