Business News | Derby Depot | February 2024

As we dive into the happenings of February 2024, it’s clear that our team has been busy making impactful strides in various projects, from supporting local communities to partnering with esteemed organisations like Stoke City Football Club.

Derby Depot Scores with Stoke City Football Club

We kicked off the month on a high note by delivering a welfare cabin to Stoke City Football Club’s Training Ground and Academy at Clayton Wood, just a couple of miles away from the bet365 Stadium. This bespoke cabin, equipped with essential amenities including a canteen, kitchen, and toilets, marks another successful partnership for Derby Depot. It’s just one example of how we’re continuously expanding our reach and providing top-notch solutions to our clients.

Rising to the Occasion: Supporting CT4N

In times of crisis, our team at Derby Depot doesn’t hesitate to spring into action. When CT4N (Community Transport 4 Nottingham) faced flood damage at their River Trent side location, we were there to offer a swift solution. By providing self-contained welfare units raised off the ground, we ensured that CT4N could continue their vital operations without interruption. It’s moments like these that underscore our commitment to supporting our community, especially those most in need.

Empowering Education: From Disaster Recovery to Classroom Solutions

Disasters can strike unexpectedly, but our dedication to recovery and resilience remains unwavering. Whether it’s providing temporary classrooms to schools affected by crises like the RAAC incident or stepping in to assist institutions like SS Simon & Jude CE Primary School in Bolton after a devastating fire, we stand ready to lend our expertise and resources. Together with partners like Sandycroft, we’re rebuilding and reinforcing educational facilities for future generations.

Welcoming Pauline Brady: Enhancing Operations

In October, we welcomed a new addition to our team: Operations Coordinator, Pauline Brady. Since joining us, Pauline has seamlessly integrated into our operations, serving as a crucial link between sales, hire, and overall project management. Her dedication to excellence ensures that we consistently deliver on our promises, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

In Tune with Nature: A Flutter of Activity

Amidst our bustling office environment, we’re taking a moment to connect with nature. Jenny and Dal have created a welcoming haven for birds in our recreational area, complete with feed stations and bird feeders. It’s a joy to observe the diverse array of British birds, from Woodpeckers to Bullfinches, as they visit our little sanctuary. This small initiative reminds us of the importance of preserving our natural surroundings and finding solace in the beauty of the outdoors.

As we reflect on the past month’s achievements and look ahead to the spring and summer seasons, one thing remains clear: the dedication and passion of the Portable Offices team will be constant as we focus on helping our customers find the best solutions throughout 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue to make a positive impact in our communities by providing an honest, trusted service and always aiming to exceed customer expectations.

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