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Why Portable & Modular Buildings for Healthcare?


Ready to meet the requirements of your industry


Moved and reconfigured in a variety of ways


Quick construction compared to traditional methods


Custom solutions for healthcare facilities


Compared to traditional construction


Designed to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards


Use sustainable materials and can be reused after use


Versatile solutions for a wide range of medical requirements

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Our friendly team are here to help you find the most suitable portable and modular building for your healthcare needs. If you have questions or need a little help making sure you get the best solution for your business give us a call 0800 169 4288 or fill in the form.

Navigating Healthcare Challenges with Portable & Modular Solutions

We understand the challenges of the healthcare industry. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs. Our portable and modular buildings are carefully designed to transform your medical facilities, addressing the specific hurdles you encounter daily.

Experience the convenience of swift deployment and flexible designs, empowering you to optimise efficiency and adaptability within your own environment. We create options with your success in mind, so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care without worrying about the logistics of your facilities.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service means we listen, learn, and appreciate your challenges. By understanding your requirements, we ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your goals. Many satisfied professionals have witnessed the impact of our considered solutions in elevating their healthcare facilities.

Available for Hire or Sale

We pride ourselves on offering a personal experience and understanding the needs of your business to make sure we help you find the best solution available.

What you’ll get from us:

Flexible Payment Terms

Personal Account Management

Large Building Choice Availability

Honest Hassle-Free Customer Service

Available & Popular Units


Installed Safely.

Installation is a massive part of the fantastic service available from Portable Offices; transporting your expertly designed temporary buildings to any location in the UK and installing them, ready to use, in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

From simple lorry-mounted crane deliveries on our fleet of modern vehicles to groundworks, services, and service connections, landscaping, and any necessary permissions, Portable Offices boast plenty of experience in taking care of every aspect of the temporary building installation process.

Portable Offices deliver expert levels of installation, for any portable building, fitting any purpose, and available anywhere in the UK.

Everything You Need.

There are a number of affordable and reliable temporary building accessories. This includes high-quality air conditioning systems to ensure that your work environment remains at a constant and pleasant temperature.

Portable Offices know that security is important and can supply affordable roller shutters and intruder alarms to protect your temporary building. Carpets, blinds and improved category 2 lighting can also enhance the look of your office or workshop.

Even large scale storage need not be a problem with the extensive range of shelves or racking. Whatever you need to make your building fit for purpose can be purchased here.

More about Portable Offices.

For portable buildings, the UK’s number one has to be Portable Offices. We are one of the UK’s primary providers of temporary, portable buildings; each of which is designed to be completely mobile, factory-produced, and delivered anywhere in Britain, to any kind of site. Portable Offices temporary portable buildings are cost-effective, durable, and comfortable; built for short-term hire and long-term application.

We boast a stellar reputation, within the industry, not only for the quality and reliability of our temporary portable buildings but for our fast and professional delivery and installation process. Our standards come from years of experience, the best equipment, and the best people; and we are unbeatable for the price.

Many organisations nationwide, including private and public sector companies, choose Portable Offices to fulfill all of their portable buildings requirements because we are the specialists in hiring and sale of temporary offices, accommodation, and storage solutions, new and refurbished. Better still, organisations return to us for further projects because of the high level of service provided. Order your temporary or portable building and storage solutions from Portable Offices in order to receive high quality, factory-built mobile buildings, in any style and purpose from a wide and diverse range; complete with a comprehensive list of accessories to ensure that all portable buildings are as comfortable and practical as a permanent building, without the cost, time and disruption to your business that a permanent building would require. Portable Offices is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited company, unbeatable in the speed and the quality of the service delivered to customers. These portable buildings are designed specifically for your purpose and hastily delivered and installed for immediate usage, no matter what that usage may be. Our experience, passion, and dedication to the job benefit each and every client, however large or small, whatever their industry and wherever they are based.

Customers will find our portable buildings hire and sales hubs throughout the UK, in Bristol, Chester, Derby, Leeds, and Luton, so wherever you need a high-quality portable building, you will enjoy a fast and reliable service.

Why look elsewhere for portable buildings? For long or short-term hire or permanent purchases of portable buildings at the very best price, choose Portable Offices, the UK’s first choice.