Closing the door on bad weather

A door isn’t generally something that you spend much time thinking about until it causes you an issue!  However, here at the Leeds branch of Portable Offices we know how frustrating it can be when you have a drafty door in summer and  a door that’s so tight in winter that you need to ‘shoulder barge it’ to get it to closed in winter.

However, unlike many other portable building providers, here at Portable Offices our standard door specification is plastisol steel faced in a steel frame, rather than soft wood.  The benefits of this type of door are multiple.

– The door leaf itself does not suffer seasonal expansion and contractions and the associated draft/sticking issues.
– Integral rubber seals act to provide both dust, weather and thermal seals.
– The door is prefinished in a maintenance free Plastisol steel face with a powder coated door frame, banishing the need to re-paint the door on an annual basis.
– As the door leaf is made from plastisol coated galvanised steel sheet there are no worries about degradation of materials as the constituant parts have a life expectancy of 25 to 40 years.
– Doors and frames have high performance as far as thermal and acoustic properties are concerned.
– As standard we provide doors in a different colour to the wall of the building to allow colour differentiation to easily identify where the building entrance is and ease with DDA compliance.
– Doors can be specified in a variety of colour finishes.
– For newly installed doors our standard widths comply with DDA/wheelchair access        requirements.
– Inward/outward and flush thresholds can be provided.
– Our standard door has a class ‘O’ spread of flame rating but where specifications dictate we can also offer fire rated doors with 30 or 60 minute fire resistance ratings.
– Mechanical assistance/electrically operated door openers and closers can be provided.
– Panic bars, door closers, door stays, finger protection covers, weather bars etc. can all be fitted to the door when required.
– Glazed vision panels in either laminated, toughened or gorgian wired glass can be installed.
– Doors are available in single or double leaves.
– Whilst the external appearance of the door is design to look professional for office   personnel use it also provides good deterance to vandalism/break-in due to it’s robustness and material make-up.



To view a range of our units benefiting from this specification of door call in to one of our branches located at Leeds, Derby, Chester, Luton or Telford where we will be happy to show you our range of buildings alternatively call our free phone number on 0800 032 9720.

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