Project Offices on time and on budget…

When Portable Offices Leeds depot took a phone call recently it was obvious that the customer was looking for a tailor made accommodation hire solution to meet their needs.

The customer, a major Utilities company required a temporary project office for a 3 year hire, ensuring that they got a quality building was at the top of the agenda.  Whilst other relocatable building suppliers had offered the cheapest solutions that they could, the resulting solutions would have left the customer feeling like a ‘battery hen’ when using their office, Portable Offices Leeds saw that providing the best possible value solution would suit the customer better than just being the cheapest.

As the customer plans to be in the portable building complex for 3 years we saw that it was vitally important that the space provided per occupant was sufficient to not only comply with Health and Safety at Work Act workspace requirements but moreover provides sufficient space to be comfortable and to avoid a claustrophobic  feeling.  Ever mindful that we are in a very competitive environment and austere times we have provided a linked complex of jackleg cabins, this has the advantage of minimal site preparation costs compared to modular building solutions whilst also providing intrinsic benefits such as air voids between offices to prevent sound travel.  Yet the whole complex acts as a single building due to the linked corridor arrangement.

The solution that we have provided represents what we believe to be the best value option to the client, providing a light and airy feel to the office space, whilst the complex should require minimal maintenance over the three year hire period as a result of the high specification of the units, such as the Plastisol steel exterior, polyester coated steel interior, heavy duty vinyl to the corridor and wet areas, with anti-static hard wearing carpet to office spaces, the complex also benefits from UPVC double glazing.  We have also taken the opportunity to install infill panels between the units to give an extra sense of permanence to the installation, in-fact the complex looks very similar to a modular building but without the additional associated costs.

The time span from the initial enquiry to placement of order was just under four weeks, during this time we offered a couple of solutions to the customers, met on site to assess the solution that would best suit the site restrictions, and carry out relevant surveys that would be needed for the Risk Assessment and Method Statements.  On this particular scheme we have also provided additional items such as furniture, carpet, blinds and window guards. Once the order was placed it took just two working weeks until handover of the 180m² complex to the customer which included only 2 working days on site.

Adrian Witty – Portable Offices Managing Director confirms “Our ethos at Portable Offices is to be customer service driven, our passion for providing the right accommodation solution starts by ensuring that we listen correctly and check that we have interpreted their requirements correctly, on this occasion we have also been able to draw upon our vast range of product in order to provide a high specification,  impressive temporary building complex in a short lead time.  Our team at the Leeds Branch seem to encapsulate our ethos and deliver industry leading customer service levels in a seamless manner that has nothing but benefits for the end user.”

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