The benefits of being bespoke?

Making any ‘off the shelf’ purchase be more bespoke to your own requirements at no extra cost is something that we all enjoy. 

At the Leeds branch of Portable Offices this is something that we offer as a matter of course on new building purchases, when it comes to external colour we are only too pleased to be able to offer our customers a choice of standard colours that matches most corporate colour schemes.

Additionally on new buildings door and window positions can be configured to suit specific site requirements, along with defining electrical outlet points.

Being able to offer a bespoke solution is not something that is limited to New buildings, in most scenarios we have a refurbished solution to meet the ever increasing specific needs of potential customers.  At any of our branches we are able to draw from any of our substantial national stock in order to provide the right accommodation solution to fit with the customers specification including internal and external finishes, timescales, budgets and layout.

Chris Hanson our Area Manager responsible for Yorkshire and the North East states “I am sure that whatever accommodation solution a potential customer is looking for, we would be surprised if we could not offer one of the best fitting solutions available from any of the leading accommodation providers and usually at the most cost effective rate.  Our flexibility in being able to offer hire, new and refurbish sale should be able to accommodate and financial requirements, whilst our wide ranging fleet of relocatable buildings provides one of the most comprehensive range of practical layout and specification solutions available in the Portable Accommodation market.  Above all we pride ourselves on being able to listen to the customer and provide a solution to fit their needs.”

Adrian Witty, Managing Director of Portable Offices re-affirms this by saying “Our customer satisfaction survey results show that we are market leading when it comes to giving the customer what they want, and Chris is one of our best at making sure this happens, the satisfaction expressed by customers of our Leeds branch is a testament to the staff that work there”.

To benefit from a bespoke accommodation solution, call now on 0800 032 9720 or e-mail [email protected]

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