New Government childcare initiative pays dividends for leeds

Leeds depot is continuing to build on its platform of success with new business continuing to be the focus of the depot.

This has resulted in the introduction of a new office-based customer account  / sales manager, Derek Blanthorn.

Derek, who lives locally, joined a few weeks ago and is already making headway with a significant contribution to the office’s sales and marketing development.

In his new role with Portable Offices, Derek will take a lead in targeting local organisations with portable accommodation needs and will join Becky and Chris in their sales and marketing drive.

Leeds is currently experiencing some considerable interest from nurseries interested in expanding following the Government’s announcement  to expand free childcare to two year-olds.

Manager, Chris Hanson, commented: “Historically, Portable Offices has established a strong platform of knowledge and experience within the nursery sector.  The announcement by George Osborne to introduce greater flexibility to allow more parents to take advantage of the scheme – already used by more than 800,000 three and four-year-olds has led to high levels of nursery enquiries from operators keen to provide accommodation for additional pupils.”

It is intended that 150,000 of the most disadvantaged two-year-olds will receive up to 15 hours a week of free pre-school education from September 2013, rising to 260,000 in 2014.

Chancellor George Osborne announced in his 2010 spending review that the free childcare currently available to three and four-year-olds would gradually be extended to two-year-olds in England and following a consultation, Mr Clegg announced that the first areas to benefit, in September this year, will be Blackpool, Cornwall, Greenwich, Kent, Lambeth, Lancashire, Newcastle, Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Rotherham.

Chris expands: “We have also just completed a new classroom for children with learning difficulties and again, the education sector continues to provide further growth opportunities.”

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