Sandycroft Hits the Ground Running

Sandycroft Hits the Ground Running

In an ever-changing pandemic world, Sandycroft is continuing to rise to new challenges as client companies adapt to social distancing measures through the addition of new spaces for canteens, washrooms and office spaces.

Manager, Jemma Wilson, said: “We are busier than ever. Thankfully, we had continued to refurbish our stock during lockdown, which meant that we had over 100 units at three day ready status as companies re-emerged and realised they needed more space to accommodate their workforce.

“It is great to see how that strategy has paid dividends.”

Sandycroft has also been able to assist the NHS through the provision of 15 units to local surgeries for flu clinics.

In Wrexham, refurbishment work at a large factory resulted in an urgent need for cabins for construction workers.

Further afield in Manchester, a large number of units have been put in place to provide temporary classrooms while a major expansion takes place.

“The entire team has been working flat out. We have 50 per cent in the office and the remainder working from home. So great is the demand that we are in the process of recruiting a new Customer Account Manager Operations,” Jemma explained.

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