Portable Offices were in Shrewsbury Town Square on Friday 19th July Rowing4Research!

Despite being what felt like the hottest day of the year so far the team from Portable Offices Paula Smith, account manager and Dave Hought, yard manager went to watch Alex Bland and Harry Martin-Dreyer doing a 12 hour rowing stint on a rowing machine in Shrewsbury Town Square, to raise money for their Atlantic rowing challenge later this year.

The boys rowed from 8am to 8pm, rowing alternately 2 hours on, 2 hours off, completing 143.3km and with no less than £670.80 to add to the charity fundraising total.

Following some sore bums and sore hands, some simple but valuable lessons were learnt as Harry didn’t realise that you needed electrolytes as well as water to prevent dehydration and at one point was bent over double with dizziness and pins and needles. But after some salts he was back on form to row his final 2 hour stint of the day.

Harry said, “We would just like to re-iterate our sincere thanks to Portable Offices for their continued support of the Rowing4Research campaign and particularly to the team that came down to support us on our Shrewsbury rowathon last Friday. It was a long hot day but we got there in the end having rowed 143km with an additional £670 in the bucket for our charities – a great result!”

Further information about all aspects of the expedition can be found at www.rowing4research.com . Or you can donate directly through our website by visiting https://www.portableoffices.co.uk/news/rowing4research/ . Should you or your company be interested in getting on board (all be it figuratively if not physically) we would be delighted to hear from you and would welcome any opportunity to discuss ways in which we could make your involvement mutually beneficial.

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