Outstanding customer satisfaction guaranteed

No doubt most of us have experienced that sinking feeling when we buy a product that doesn’t work and we then go have to go through a complicated and frustrating process of trying to complain or to return the goods in question.

It can leave you feeling angry and stressed when you feel nobody wants to listen or to rectify the problem. I think most of us would agree that at some point, when you are dealing with human nature, you are likely to encounter problems along the way, but again, I think we would all probably agree that it isn’t the problem that’s the issue but the way it is resolved that counts.

The British aren’t well known for providing great customer service and certainly not with a smile. However, I am delighted to report that our team at Portable Offices is bucking the British trend and our latest customer satisfaction survey confirms just how pleased our customers are with our service.

I feel rightly proud of this achievement. Our customer base confirmed 100 per cent satisfaction with our quality of service.

Customers were invited to mark the company out of 10 (10 for excellent or completely satisfied to 1 for poor or not satisfied) for a variety of elements from response to the initial enquiry to project management. At no point did the company score less than 6 (good) by any customer with over 70 per cent consistently scoring us at 10.

Interestingly, all our customers agreed unequivocally that they would ‘recommend us in a flash’ to others.

This really reinforces our professional ethos that we are providing a high quality service that is matched only by the quality of our product.

What was also equally remarkable was the number of customers willing to take time to complete the customer satisfaction survey – 100 per cent took part. Again, I find this in itself a matter of some considerable pride.

I attribute this to the exceptional performance by every member of our team and to their outstanding efforts and their individual responsibility to achieving the pinnacle of excellence in both product and service.

It’s hard to reach the top and even harder to stay there – but let’s make sure we do!

Portable Offices – Customer Satisfaction Results

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