Portable Offices looks at how clients can Get Trim for the New Year

Keeping your budget trim this year is easy with our pre-loved buildings.

Not only do we provide new build solutions with all the environmental and commercial benefits over and above traditional construction methods, but we also supply on a hire or sale basis recycled buildings. These buildings that may be in either our hire or sales stock are refurbished to a high standard designed to exceed customers’ expectations.

As part of our refurbishment programme this new year we are happy to design and fit different trim upgrades for customers, the most significant of these being soffit trims. The advantage to the customer is that they can benefit from the environmental and financial savings of utilising a recycled building whilst updating the external appearance of a pre owned building.

We also offer bespoke Trim solutions allowing customers’ corporate branding/colouring to become an integral part of their new modular building solution.

Whether you are looking for a new or used building we can tailor an accommodation solution to bespoke requirements in line with the current Building regulation specifications in order to provide A rated EPC’d buildings.

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