Luton Depot Joins the Battle Against Covid-19

Covid19 testing

Luton depot has been busy supporting the NHS and the emergency services in their battle to contain the Covid-19 pandemic with the provision of units for virus testing and sleeper units for shift workers.

With increasing emphasis on the need for coronavirus testing, all the stops are being pulled out to establish centres for these to be conducted. Portable Offices has recently provided Lister Hospital with a six bay complex and an additional three Units for COVID-19 testing.

They have also provided sleeper units to a local filling station that is keeping open 24/7 to fuel ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles. The units comprise bedrooms and bathroom facilities for shift workers covering the station.

Luton Manager, Dannielle Williams, said: “
“We are proud to be supporting the emergency services in a time of great need. The testing stations are believed to be at the cornerstone of the containment battle and we have units in a ‘ready state’.”

“Units for NHS related contracts will be given priority. In a related matter, a doctor has established a home-working office on his driveway, using one of our units. The implications of the virus are spreading in a myriad of ways and we are there to help those who need to expand outside of their usual working environments.”

In addition to coronavirus affected topics, the office has continued its work for the entertainment world with cabins for the Voice 2020 going into the BBC Elstree in January and a village of cabins to support the crew involved in filming a new Amazon series at Bray studios.
There has also been a sales and marketing suite installed for Tesla and additional classroom places at a school in London.
Luton has also recruited two new carpenters for the yard – Adrian Surma and Daniel Koziol.

For more information contact: Portable Offices Luton on 01582 490082

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