John Lutkevitch Gifts His Retirement Tribute

retirement gift

For the past almost 50 years John Lutkevich has lived and slept portable buildings. The past 13 years have been working for Portable Offices where he continuously went ‘above and beyond the call of duty.’

He officially retired a while ago, but kept coming out of retirement as and when Portable Offices called upon him to help oversee any large or complex contracts.

Now, he has finally had his last curtain call for the industry and is enjoying peace and tranquillity in his Cornish home close to Perranporth Beach.
In recognition of his incredible contribution to the business, Portable Offices made a cash gift to John and in his own inimitable style, John generously donated it to charity – the Cornwall Down Syndrome Support Group.

The charity is close to John’s heart as one of his grandchildren, 13 year-old Ted, has Downs Syndrome. John has seen first-hand much of the journey his daughter, Angie has been on as she navigated some of the challenges that all parents face on a daily basis and he recognised the valuable role the charity provides in supporting their needs.

The Cornwall Downs Syndrome Support Group offers families a chance to meet, socialise and share information, friendship and support. They organise many fun days out and also provide support material, such as picture books outlining some of the children’s landmark progressions. One of these is ‘Going to School’, a book which covers all the new experiences a child will encounter is provided free of charge to all pre-school children to help prepare them.

The financial tribute John received and gifted to the charity enabled them to update the graphics and print more books – over 32,000 have been printed and distributed over the last few years.
John’s daughter, Angie Emrys-Jones, explains: “Starting school is a time of excitement but also great anxiety for all children, the book takes an average day in school and pictorially introduces all the aspects from the classroom, teachers and subjects to lunch breaks and going home time.
“This means that children go into the education system better prepared and ready for what follows.”
John is delighted that his working legacy has gone on to help children in such a positive and influential manner. He said:
“I am delighted I was able to make this gesture and help such a worthwhile cause. It was a wonderful tribute from Portable Offices and is typical of their great generosity and caring approach to their employees. I have nothing but praise for the company and directors who always act with incredible integrity. I really loved working with them and look back fondly on the enduring friendships made with my colleagues over the years.”

Portable Offices Managing Director, Adrian Witty, said: “We will miss John. He is a great character. I have known him for over 40 years and his dedication to the industry has endured recessions and many highs and lows.
“He worked across the entire national network of Portable Offices’ installations and wherever there was a challenging situation he would appear, usually with a solution.
“His final gift to charity is typical of his generous, kind nature. We all wish John the very best in his retirement.”

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