Business Resolutions for New year

Business resolutions

New Business resolutions

When you hear the phrase New Year’s Resolutions, it is easy to assume people are talking about losing weight or giving up alcohol, but for owners of businesses, the ability to review the past 12 months of trading and plan and set goals for the year ahead is important.

Being S.M.A.R.T

When setting goals, it is vital to make sure these are realistic or SMART – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timed.
Any plans should take into account any new machinery, new employees, or expansion plans to accommodate new staff or increased storage needs.
Monitoring your progress is as simple as setting up a spreadsheet and updating the figures each month.

Expanding your premises

If you need any investment to realise your aspirations, make sure you can afford to fund these and that you can pay back any additional borrowing.
Planning for the year ahead can often mean expansion of the business or the location premises.
Expanding your business premises to accommodate your growing team or to accommodate new machinery or for additional storage can be easier to implement than you might think – portable units may provide the ideal solution.

Simple and Cost effcient

These can be purchased or you may prefer to hire a unit while you look at how the business growth continues. Portable units can fit into small spaces and need few groundworks, so the process is simple and cost-efficient.
These are important considerations when planning the expansion of your premises. Remember, Portable Offices has a range of units to suit every pocket and there are plenty of hire and purchase options to suit every budget whether it is something new or purpose-built or a preloved building.
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