Wood you believe it?

A major benefit of buying a modular or prefabricated building is the abilty to have it installed in a fraction of the time of a traditionally constructed building whilst still being able to experience the same benefits of longevity.? As far as modular construction is concerned, this life expectancy is achieved through exact build tolerances that can only be achieved within a factory production environment.

Combined with this precision of build, we also ensure that we only use durable and robust materials that are designed to withstand the anticipated wear and tear that the environment inflicts on all buildings.

An example of this is a Plastisol steel exterior.? However, whilst Plastisol steel finishes can be provided in a wide range of colours and are ideally suited for the majority of environments, Portable Offices is also receiving more requests recently for wood cladding to provide a contemporary finish to modular and portable buildings.

This can often be a stipulation of planning rather than a necessity where, in some instances, aesthetics are paramount within a particular contract.? We have recently provided a number of buildings that have been clad in various different wood finishes such as cedar, teak or UPVC wood effect.

Not only does it have architectural merit, but it blends into the environment and once you add a couple of bi folding doors it takes on a whole new clean, contemporary look.

We use sustainably produced Canadian Western Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to moisture so it doesn?t actually need any treatment. Instead, the wood weathers naturally into a mellow silver shade.? The even grain makes it less liable to swelling, warping or twisting and it is also resistant to decay and insect damage.

This means that it is still relatively maintenance free and as the timber is sustainable, it is also environmentally friendly.

This finish is becoming increasingly popular amongst schools and education buildings or for outdoor classrooms or field centres.

Even with bespoke external cladding, which can often be fitted off-site, modular building lead times compared to traditional construction are still significantly shorter.

Other types of external cladding that Portable Offices have recently installed are Kingspan, brick slip as well as various types of bespoke graphic boards.

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