Vegan Diets and Offices


What’s happening on November 1st?

Well this year World Vegan Day (WVD) is hoping that a record number of people will pledge to try ‘plant based eating’ at least for one day.

WVD has been celebrated since 1994 and it also heralds the start of World Vegan Month.

Emphasis is on utilising World Vegan Day to celebrate a compassion for the issues surrounding food and a respect for animals. Businesses will be getting involved in the conferences and events on the day, which are described as being 100% vegetable!

In previous years the ‘Compassionate Living Fair’ has taken place in Edinburgh. With over 700 people attending the day’s events, which included themed activities, free herbalist sessions, hair wraps and of course food to encourage you to try a vegan diet!

Keep checking out the WVD website for up all the to date information on what’s going to be happening on the day! But whatever, you’re planning, WVD is hoping you will try a vegan diet for a day on 1 November – there is such a huge variety of foods on offer that you can cook up and feast on.

It’s No Hot Potato!

Portable Offices has done quite a bit to help the vegan diet during the course of is business….

…including helping one of the UK’s leading suppliers of processed potatoes to the supermarket ready meals market, Beverley based M&F Limited, expand its operation.

M&F handles over 100,000 tonnes of potato per year. These are processed into high quality potatoes ranging from whole peel to sliced, diced and chips and transported across the UK to be incorporated into ready meals and then sold through well known outlets such as Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

With demand increasing on a daily basis, the company’s period of rapid growth resulted in an urgent need for additional office space, a canteen and changing facilities. With planning restraints, creating a stumbling block for their expansion plans, M&F’s Managing Director, Graham Stark, looked around for alternatives and decided on a portable building solution.

He said: “I looked at local accommodation providers and opted for Portable Offices. Not only were they professional, but they were highly responsive and just got to grips with our needs and sorted everything out so that there were no headaches for us. At the end of the day, we had some space and I needed a company to provide the units and then come in and make it work for us and that’s what they did.”

The company provided a turnkey service from foundations and drainage up to the complete fitting out of the units. Graham Stark continues:

“Initially, we hired two of the buildings and then, with our need developing into the long-term, we opted to purchase these and expand into a further unit.

“Essentially, Portable Offices tailored the product to our criteria and took over everything. We have to be responsive to our customers’ needs and it was good to find a supplier that mirrored our way of working.”

The Portable Offices’ team is on hand to service companies’ and organisations’ accommodation needs and aims to provide a speedy, professional, cost-effective, turnkey service.

Visit the website to find out more by visiting or call 0800 169 4288.


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