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When you spend the majority of your waking hours sat at your desk it is important that the environment meets your needs.  Here at Portable Offices, in addition to ensuring that your office environment complies with the stipulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act, Portable Offices can also offer a multitude of ‘add on’ items to ensure that your office environment is the best that it can be.

As well as providing hire and sale options for both jackleg and modular buildings, fitted out to provide whatever facilities your site requires such as toilets and kitchen amenities.  We also are able to offer furniture, air conditioning and ‘Eco’ upgrades.

One such upgrade that can easily be missed is ensuring that the lighting meets your requirements.

As standard we look to provide IP rated fittings externally or to wet areas such as shower/drying rooms.  In communal passageways diffused fluorescent lighting tends to provide an energy efficient lighting solution.  In areas where there is heavy computer use, dependent on the customer requirement we can offer a variety of lighting options ranging from diffused fluorescent lights, to Cat2 lighting for computer use, to LG3 compliant low energy fittings – as fitted as standard to our 2020 building range.

Ensuring that the right lighting solution is specified is crucial to the comfort of the end user of the building, but also offers several intrinsic benefits such as reduced fatigue towards the end of the working day and better efficiency and productivity. A call or a visit to any of our nationwide branches will give you the opportunity to further discuss lighting and accommodation options with us.

Chris Hanson – Area manager at Portable Offices Leeds branch states “when a potential client calls us, we look to provide a prompt and efficient service, ensuring that we provide the exact information that the customer is looking for.  We are happy to provide a simple proposal for feasibility/budgeting purposes, right through to discussing the intricate details of individual components such as lighting or climate control to ensure that the solution we provide not only performs well but also ensures the occupants are in an environment that maximises their potential efficiency.  We also offer site meetings at either our own branch locations or a customer’s site to ensure the service we are providing maintains our market leading customer service standards.”

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