Its a modular building Jim, but not as we know it?

Portable Offices are constantly changing the mind-set that has been held by the majority of people for a long time.? For people who can remember the original Star Trek being aired on TV, other memories often include being taught at school in timber pre-fab mobile classrooms that were cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer.? However, times have changed greatly since then.

Portable Offices pride themselves being at the forefront of industry lead innovations when it comes to modular buildings.

The concept of a modular building does not necessarily mean temporary accommodation.? Moreover, modular building construction is a different construction method to traditional building in that 85% of the building process takes place off-site, minimising disruption.? As the manufacture of the modular building takes place in a factory environment tolerances can be vastly improved.? This allows consistency and accuracy of build that is very difficult to achieve using traditional methods.

As with most factory manufactured components, technological advances are easier to incorporate in to the construction process allowing better use of innovative Eco products that reduce overall carbon foot prints.

Through the construction methods and materials employed by Portable Offices we are able to supply new buildings that are fully compliant to the latest Building Regulations (that ensure the quality and performance of the finished building) and theoretical life expectancy of the new construction can often outlast that of other traditional build.

Chris Hanson, Area Manager for Portable Offices Yorkshire region, states ?when organisations are looking at new build or extension proposals, modular buildings can often be the more viable option.? Our ability to offer CAD designs of proposed solutions that can be factory built allow the client to often reduce their architectural design costs.? When this ability is linked to the other benefits of modular construction in terms of project timescale, cost, build accuracy and eco friendliness it is hard to see why people wouldn?t pursue modular building as the favoured option over traditional build rather than the other way around.?

If, after all this, you are still thinking that a ?traditional build is the way to go? but want the benefits associated to modular construction why not consider different external cladding options to get the desired aesthetics, then a modular building really could be the final frontier!

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