Forward Thinking on Covid-19 for Shropshire College

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Concord College is a highly academic international school for day and boarders. The college contacted the Portable Offices Chester Office to discuss possible solutions.

They were looking at options for the students who (if needed) are required to shield to keep them separate in their own area away from other students following the COVID situation.

The requirement was bedrooms with their own shower and toilets along with a triage room.

After speaking with the Portable Offices team in July it was confirmed that a solution was required before the reopening of the college in September.

Based on the situation it was decided that the best option was to provide brand new units to be also coupled with separate toilet/shower units sufficient enough for each student.

A separate village was set up on-site, with the customer delighted with the speed of the installation, the facility itself and the service from Portable Offices.

In total, six shower units to compliment six sleeper units will be on-site for at least 26 weeks as a precaution in case any student shows any COVID symptoms.

Sarah Darrell from Concord College said “They are amazing!!!!! Many thanks”.

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