New Start following Lockdown for Leeds Depot

Leeds Depot Covid-19

New Start Following Lockdown | Leeds Depot & Covid-19 Challenges

Despite the unusual working conditions during the pandemic, Leeds depot has continued to meet different challenges in a ‘Covid-19 world.’

Manager, Becky Scholefield, said: “With staff furloughed, shielding and working from home, the depot has on the whole been run by and left in the very capable hands of Michelle Tiffany and Managing Director, Adrian Witty. With Lee Dolman working from home and continuing to win orders, the depot has remained relatively busy throughout.”

NHS-related work has impacted on the type of contracts coming in with Michelle working closely with a local GP’s surgery at the start of lockdown providing units to facilitate extra space to accommodate new social distancing measures and separate areas for patients.

The depot also supplied units to a very large online company with a distribution facility in Leeds.

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Becky continued: “We have provided units to new and existing clients to allow for social distancing as employees return to the workplace.

“As life slowly starts to return to normal, we are providing additional classrooms to schools in our area.

“New build housing sites are re-opening now so sales suites are starting to go back out of the depot.

“We have just won a two storey modular building for a scaffolding company in Hull, installing August.

“As of next week all staff will have returned to work and normality to some extent is returning, although safely and respectfully.  Social distance measures are in place, and we have reduced numbers in the office at any time, with staff continuing to work from home for part of the week. Everyone has risen to this challenge fantastically well.

“As manager, I would like to extend my thanks to our team for how well they have coped – working incredibly hard to keep the cogs turning and for those accepting furlough which cannot be easy and must be stressful in itself.  As a result, we are emerging with a renewed vigour and the enquiries and orders are testament to that.”

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