Bringing down the cost of Sports Pavilions and changing facilities

At Portable Offices through our varied product range of portable cabins and modular building in both Plastisol steel or antivandal finish we are able to offer various layout and specifications for sports facilities.

Quite often we are asked to price and supply a Sports changing facility that has shower and changing facilities for two teams and a separate referees room.? Most frequently we provide these in an anti- vandal finish to suit the fact that they are often left locked up more than they are in use.? Also, in most cases we provide sports changing facilities as singular portable cabins thereby offering the most cost effective solution to fulfil each client?s exacting standards.? The advantage of providing this accommodation solution as a singular portable cabin is to keep costs down by keeping haulage and foundations to a minimum.? A sports changing facility from Portable Offices can be built to the clients requirements but as a standard our proposed layouts are designed to comply with the requirements of Sport England.

Another common requirement by sports clubs including football, cricket and rugby clubs is a sports pavilion.? Again this is usually provided in an anti-vandal finish and contains two team changing facilities with WC and showers, along with ref changing facilities and DDA compliant access and WC.? In addition our standard pavilion layout includes a multi-function space and kitchenette making it ideal for various uses within the community.

Financing these types of sports facility buildings can often be a struggle for local sports clubs, that?s where the advantage of the sports pavilion building can come in to it?s own.? Whilst we don?t get involved in the financing side of each project we have heard of several occasions where our customers have been able to benefit from Sport England grants, local authority grants for getting kids in to sport, lease financing by virtue of the building being brand new and also on occasion customers have been able to get their projects zero rated from a VAT point of view as they are providing recreational facilities for the local community.

As with the rest of our product range we are able to provide a multitude of add on services to help the project go smoothly anything from changing the external colour from our standard to either team colours or a colour to suit the generally more rural environment, right through to providing a full turn-key project managed package.

Chris Hanson ? Area Manager at Portable Offices Leeds depot re-itterates ?Contacting any of the branches that Portable Offices have throughout the UK could quickly provide you with information required to move your sports accommodation project forward.? Whether you are looking for a single portable cabin or a larger modular building, our experience of providing buildings for over 43 years will hopefully give you the reassurance that we can provide the right solution to meet your needs?.

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