Wiping the floor with the rest

Having a building solution that dovetails to meet your everyday needs is essential if the building is going to be used for any length of time.  One aspect that often gets overlooked is the flooring under foot.

At any of the branches of Portable Offices which are strategically located to provide market  leading national coverage flooring finishes are an area where we believe we leave many of our competitors standing. Examples of this are the wide range of finishes, specifications and colours of flooring that we provide.

For the majority of applications our standard 3kN/m² floor loading is more than adequate, although  through tailored designs we are able to offer floor loadings that range from our standard 3kN/m² right up to 10kN/m² on New build units.

Additionally, on new build solutions we are happy to provide carpet or vinyl finishes with no cost disparity.

Where the flooring solution requested is carpet we look to provide where possible British made carpet, and in addition to the customer being able to specify the colour from our range of colours to suit most environments, we also look to ensure that the carpet specifications comply with our exacting standards relating to it’s wear/life expectancy and colourfastness, anti-static capabilities, acoustic properties relating to it’s noise reduction capabilities and it’s thermal insulation properties.

When the flooring solution requested is vinyl we take care to ensure that the vinyl specified again complies with our internal standards relating to it’s location and usage regarding how hard wearing it is, abrasive/slip resistance properties, colourfastness, and so on.

We ensure that all our floor fitters are qualified and experienced in fitting whichever flooring is specified so that we know the workmanship of the installation will allow the floor finish to perform the best that it possibly can.

Obviously we can also mix the floor finishes so that, for example, in a large modular office environment or a linked jackleg cabin complex hardwearing vinyl can be used in heavy traffic areas and carpet can be used where there is marginally less foot traffic.

This allows for example in a call centre modular building environment provided by Portable Offices, the end user to benefit from the hardwearing nature of the floor vinyl but also to reap the benefits of the sound deadening qualities of carpet to the desk/operator areas.

In addition to carpet and vinyl we can also apply any flooring solution provided in a traditional building, such as laminates, wood veneers, tiles and raised/suspended computer floors.


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