Trafalgar Square – Antony Gormley – One & Other, 2009

Portable Offices has admitted to a feeling of “great satisfaction” as the firm’s products are being publically situated in what is arguably Britain’s most high profile environment

Portable Offices at Trafalgar Square

Portable Offices, who are based near Chester on the North Wales coast, have supplied three cabins which are now sitting adjacent to Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The fact that the cabins were bought to house staff for one of the most talked-about exhibitions in the capital this year – Anthony Gormley’s One And Other concept in the latest fourth plinth installation – has only heightened the profile of the site.

However, there has been a reaction from several quarters who have branded the group of cabins as an eyesore.

The portable offices were supplied to Unusual Structures, the company responsible for exhibition’s logistics.

Antony Gormley, ONE & OTHER, 2009 - picture courtesy of

Portable Offices’ managing director, Adrian Witty, said today that he couldn’t remember when any of the firm’s cabins had been placed in such a famous and recognised environment.

He added: “It’s great for our profile, what with all the publicity the exhibition will be receiving and all the tourists that flock to Trafalgar Square in the summer.

“I think it’s fair to say that of all of the cabins we have ever supplied, either through hire or sale, these are the ones with the greatest visibility to the public.

“I understand there has been a bit of negative publicity about the appearance of the cabins.

“I realise that they may not be to some people’s tastes but at the end of the day they were bought to serve a function, not blend in seamlessly with the environment or steal Anthony Gormley’s thunder as works of art in themselves.

“As time goes on, some critics may even grow to like them!”

The cabins have been painted in heritage green, as specified by Anthony Gormley himself and Westminster City Council’s planning department.

Portable Offices

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