The wheels of industry are rolling again?

It has been widely reported in the national press that with the better than anticipated raise in GDP, the wheels of industry are starting to roll again.? Quite timely, the same has happened at Portable Offices with the latest addition to the fleet being a new rigid, Scania hiab vehicle.

Last year, we reported that the Portable Offices? rigid vehicle, which makes up one of the group of haulage vehicles that we run, turned 1,000,000 km?s, so the time came for a change and the new Scania was commissioned.

The new vehicle combines the benefits of its predecessor such as load bearing extendable load bed, air suspension and 63T /m lorry mounted loader.? It is a priority of Portable Offices that we work safely at all times and so the vehicle is equipped with two inertia reels, both a standard one and a slow release version.

John Ley, the driver of the new Portable Offices? Scania, said ?The new truck is an excellent workhorse.? Along with enhanced eco credentials, such as fuel economy and lower emissions, the general specification is higher.? Undoubtedly, our nationwide network of depots will be vying to get their hands on the new truck and in the first full week, I will be working for our Leeds, Chester and Derby depots, but I am sure it won?t be long until the new girl ventures to Luton, Telford and Bristol.?




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