Testimonial – Transport for Buckinghamshire

transport for buckinghamshire

Transport for Buckinghamshire is a team of leading highways staff members carrying out all aspects of Public Highway works, engineering capability, innovation and customer care.

The team comprises employees with a vast spectrum of skills, delivering roles such as asset management specialists, project managers, maintenance engineers, designers, street lighting and ITS specialists, system developers, stakeholder managers and many more.

The organisation provides a 24/7 response for the emergency services which can involve anything from the clearing of highways after accidents or car fires or even fly tipping on the carriageways to gritting the roads in winter.

This disaster response mechanism necessitates the team being on call 24/7 365 days a year and the importance of appropriate facilities to accommodate the team and equipment is vital.
The Amersham based team was enduring cold, damp, outdated cabins to work and operate from but when they were given permission to purchase a new series of portable units that could more adequately accommodate their needs they discovered that today’s portable units can provide clean, warm and comfortable living spaces.

Transport for Buckinghamshire’s Area Manager, Rosie Taylor, explains: “Our sister company had used Portable Offices previously and gave us a recommendation. As soon as we contacted Luton office, the team there sprang into action.

“He mapped out all the possibilities to us and made it so easy. Within a week plans were drawn up and it all happened so quickly.
“We purchased five units that are all linked. These provide office space, fitted kitchens, canteen, washrooms with showers and toilets and we even have a superb meeting room, something we have never had before.

“Everything was fitted out with modern fitments, led lighting, carpets etc. They are warm, comfortable contemporary spaces with air conditioning units. We have seen a whole different side to portable buildings and are delighted with them. It was a totally smooth, seamless process and Portable Offices just made it so easy.”

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