Pre-fabricated modular building methods reach new heights

It has been widely reported in the Global press about the awe inspiring new construction project currently underway in China.? Known as Sky Tower, the project aims to deliver mixed use building to a new extreme.? The Building project is planned to be the tallest in the world, even taller than the Burj Kalifa.? Whilst this feat in itself is amazing, what is even more impressive is the building method that they are employing.

Utilising pre-fabricated modular construction techniques the project exemplifies the main benefit of prefabricated building methods as the construction is planned to take just four months to erect the 202 floors.

The benefits of modular/prefabricated construction have been known for a long time but this project amplifies the benefits on a global scale.? Benefits include accuracy of build, speed of construction, durability, environmental benefits and quality of finish amongst others.? A little taller than most Portable Offices pre-fabricated structures the building showcases how this method of build can be used for most market sectors as it is planned to accommodate residential units, offices, schools, hospital, shopping and recreational facilities.

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