Olympic fever – Going for Gold

It feels as though Olympic fever has taken hold of the entire country and I too have been caught up in the trials, tribulations and achievements of our athletes.

Sadly, some may say, I have been equally captivated by the number of temporary buildings and portable accommodation options clearly visible on the Olympic park – some provided by us!  It demonstrates just how adaptable and flexible portable buildings really are.

Better still, even when the Olympics are just a distant memory, these buildings will go on to find another life somewhere else – possibly a car park or a school – the longevity and flexibility of these modular buildings is mind blowing!

Our pre-loved portable buildings have made an enormous difference to small business users – enabling them to expand their premises with less outlay than they expect and to really develop their businesses on tight budgets.

Savings of 40-50% can be achieved on these units without any compromise on reliability and with a full warranty on a hire or purchase basis.

I know many customers have been amazed at just how impressive, bright, warm and spacious used portable accommodation can be.  We’ve refurbished a unit for a new nursery in Lincolnshire where the manager had a very limited budget and actually engaged the entire community in her fundraising efforts to secure a suitable unit.

The village came out on mass cheer us on when we went to install it on the primary school playground, making sure that the community’s pre-school children had somewhere to feel nurtured in their early years education.

Time and again our customers who choose the pre-loved units are amazed by what they can achieve for such a limited budget. We in turn, get enormous satisfaction out of working with them to make their money go that bit further and by helping to make their business or community dreams a reality.

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