Luton continues to score home goals

Each year Luton depot enjoys still greater success and this summer is no exception.

With a buzzing order book, the business is continuing to attract new, big name clients and maintain a high level of repeat contracts.

Its longstanding contract with Brentford Football Club is continuing with over 50 units now in place on site. Brentford’s promotion from Division One to the Championship resulted in a further need to extend their training facilities.

The latest units provided facilities for a gym, a pilates room and a number of other areas for the successful training academy.

Manager, Neil Christie, said: “It’s turning into quite a modular village at the football club with facilities for every facet of the club. We have also added units for security and a press conference room. ”

The contract started a couple of years ago when a range of new modular buildings provided Brentford Football Club’s youth team with a kick start.

The buildings, provided by Portable Offices Luton, were a prime requirement to enable the club to establish a level 2 academy of young players aged under 18 to the criteria specified by the Premiership.

State-of-the-art facilities included new showers and changing rooms, offices, classrooms and medical physio room and two gyms – one for heavy weights and one for cardio work.

Based in Hounslow, Brentford Football Club’s commitment to the Youth department underlines its aims and recognises the importance of developing young talent as the lifeblood for the sport – selecting young, talented players that have the potential to develop and ultimately, play in the Brentford first team.

The Brentford Youth Development programme caters for approximately 140 young players between the ages of 7 -21, who fit within a five tier development model. During each stage, an age appropriate programme is delivered to cater for the technical, tactical, physical and psychological needs of the individual players.

A prime requirement of the academy is the ability to provide appropriate facilities dedicated to accommodating the varying needs of the young players. In order to fulfill this requirement, the club opted for portable buildings as the most effective solution to their needs.

The contract has subsequently evolved and grown outside this initial remit to encompass facilities for the top team players. Now in its final phase the contract ends this summer.

In the meantime, success on the ‘silver screen’ has continued for Luton with further orders for the film and TV production world.

Luton has also continued its work within a major local hospital with new units facilitating the expansion of an emergency unit for premature babies. This involved high specification wall and anti-slip floor finishes, air conditioning and air changing units, back-up channels for electrics and latest state-of-the-art facilities synonymous with a modern NHS operation.

Manager, Neil Christie, who has just relocated his family from the South of France to Oxfordshire, said: “We are continuing to see our efforts well rewarded as our team goes from strength-to-strength. Repeat business is continuing at an unprecedented level along with conversion of new contracts. Long may it continue.”

For more information contact: Portable Offices Luton on 01582 490082.

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