Rowing 4 Research – Week 3 At Sea

Alex and Harry have now been at sea for three weeks and they seem to have settled into a steady rhythm and the endlessly tiring way of life that it is to be living on a tiny boat in the middle of a vast ocean. The weather gods continue to be kind to them, as the wind remains in their favor and they continue to make decent progress in the right direction.?Within the next week the boys hope to go through a major milestone – the half way point!

Alex said, “The unpredictable sea, the pain, tiredness, damp and cramp are all constantly frustrating features of life out here; a reality we are slowly getting used to.?It is not all bad however. Add to the picture an exquisite sunset or sunrise, an unbelievably bright starry night or even a pod of dolphins and the daily hardships are quickly forgotten.”

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