Rowing 4 Research – 4 Weeks at Sea

28 days on board Alexandra? and the boys flew past the half way mark 10pm Sunday 5th January with an average speed of 58 miles a day (which extrapolated, would lead to a very quick 46 day crossing.)

The boys have admitted to struggling with the boredom, as although they are very busy, 12 hours a day (each) is spent simply rowing. Nothing more or less, and it has begun to grate on them. Harry said, ?I am trying to combat it by pushing myself in every session on the oars but we still have a Iong way to go, and it’s that thought that’s hard to beat. Some unidentified whales visited on Tuesday which helped break the monotony. Alex was very happy, and although I’m glad to have ticked the box must admit indifference to them given their failure to perform free willy style tricks, jumps, whale-human communication.?

Until next week you can track the boys progress at ?

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