Compassion and Camaraderie Drive Outstanding Results for Luton

Compassion and Camaraderie Drive Outstanding Results for Luton

As the latest Covid-19 lockdown draws to a close and a new opening is on the horizon, Luton depot continues to assist companies, schools and the NHS with their building challenges.

The operation has responded to numerous cries for help from all sectors and has discovered a newfound joy in banding together with staff and management from across all depots to find solutions for their clients.

Sales Manager, Neil Christie, said: “We have made a fantastic team effort to resolve our clients’ building challenges. What has made this so fulfilling is that this has occurred despite many of us working from home – for some, this is more difficult than for others – but what I have recognised is a real bonding amongst our staff and management, where suddenly Zoom calls have become a daily occurrence even the new norm and also, equally importantly, a lifeline to some members of our team.

“Successful support within the UK-wide offices, starts with empathy and understanding of each individual’s situation. Not only does this make each member of staff feel valued, it encourages their loyalty to the company for treating them well while they were struggling. Whether the issue is with their mental health or physical health, as their manager it is our responsibility to help them perform well at work without sacrificing their wellbeing.

“I think this one is of the biggest achievements during the challenging Covid times. It encompasses our customers too. With each employee taking on our clients’ problems.

“The results have been outstanding levels of customer service across all depots around the UK.”

Portable Offices remains committed to finding product and service solutions for all its existing and new customers.

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