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Val Bratton Prepares for a New Life in Retirement – the only real excuse you’ll ever have to spend your entire life’s savings.

Yes, Val is due to retire after many years spent working in the portable buildings industry.

She will soon be free to focus on her children, grandchildren, Dotty the dog and Boss the horse.

Val’s ‘cabin journey’ began over 25 years ago when she worked with Bristol office’s former Manager, Dennis Gay at one of Portable Offices’ competitors before they both moved to Portable Offices almost 10 years ago after being approached by their former colleague, Adrian Witty, to launch Portable Offices’ Bristol operation.

“I was referred to as Dennis’s ‘work wife’ as we had a great working relationship. It has been a rewarding few years with plenty of challenges along the way but also lots of fun too. I never had that ‘Monday morning feeling’ and will always be grateful for that and remember my time at Portable Offices with great fondness,” Val explains.

Val Bratton, Customer Account Manager and Dennis Gay, former Manager, established what went on to become a successful business in Bristol and were shortly joined by Kate Kirk who is now Depot Manager and who took over the reins from Dennis after he retired.

With a team of six in the office now and a full complement of yard staff, the operation has gone from strength to strength.

Val is looking forward to competing her Polish Warmblood horse, Boss, in ‘e-riders’ dressage tests and to helping her children and grandchildren with their horses and ponies.

But, she admits that she will miss the team at Portable Offices.

Val commented: “It has been a truly lovely experience working at Portable Offices. No two days are the same and it would be impossible to find a more supportive or understanding management team – they have been wonderful.”

Portable Offices’ Bristol Manager, Kate Kirk, said: “Val and Dennis provided me with an amazing level of support when I joined – we were like a happy family.

“I wish her a truly wonderful retirement and will miss her so much. But hey Val, you have climbed the mountain, now enjoy the view!”

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