Prefabricated buildings from Portable Offices are factory built and designed to provide high quality temporary or permanent accommodation for any industry, within any location in the UK.

Since prefabricated buildings are designed and manufactured off-site, Portable Offices are able to install their prefabricated buildings quickly, efficiently and with the minimum disruption or notice. This makes prefabricated buildings a fast, fantastic, cost-effective alternative to traditional, permanent structures. Plus they can be designed for a variety of purposes and often ready to use immediately after minimal install time on your site.

Prefabricated buildings offer you an adaptable space and can grow as your company does. Portable offices design a professional space to fit your exact needs, including interior design such as flooring & fixing options, also exterior options such as cladding or wraps to fit in with your surroundings.

Portable offices offer both refurbished prefabricated buildings or new prefabricated buildings which include design and build service or both. Whichever way we can refine your requirements and advise on the best approach to your space needs & requirements.

For large prefabricated building requirements choose our fantastic modular buildings or turn to portable cabins if you require a smaller temporary building solution.



Our currently available units are units that we have in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Most of our units are custom built but take a little longer for assembly.