Business News | Modern Methods of Construction Awards | May 2024

A Triumph of Teamwork: Celebrating Our Victory at the MMC Awards…

A Prestigious Recognition
We are overjoyed to announce that we have won the award for the Best Temporary Building Project in the categories of Education, Healthcare, Events, and Other at the recent MMC Awards, held in Birmingham. This prestigious recognition not only celebrates our commitment to excellence but also highlights the incredible dedication and resilience of our team at the SS Simon & Jude CE Primary School project.

A Stellar Event
The MMC Awards, known for spotlighting innovation and excellence in modular and prefabricated construction, provided a fantastic platform to showcase the best in the industry. The ceremony in Birmingham was a vibrant gathering of professionals who are reshaping the construction landscape with groundbreaking solutions. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the organisers for hosting such a stellar event and to all our fellow nominees who continue to set remarkable standards in the construction sector.

The Winning Project
Our winning project, the SS Simon & Jude CE Primary School’s Education Village, was born out of urgent necessity following a devastating fire that left the school in dire need of immediate educational facilities. Our team, driven by a mission to ensure that no child’s education was interrupted, swung into action. Within just 14 weeks, we designed, constructed, and delivered a fully functional education village, exemplifying speed, efficiency, and quality.

Creating a Nurturing Environment
This project was not just about building temporary structures but about creating a nurturing environment where young minds could continue to grow and thrive despite adverse circumstances. The completion of this project in such a short timeframe stands as a testament to what can be achieved with teamwork, innovation, and a deep understanding of the needs of educational institutions.

A Collective Effort
We are immensely proud of every team member who played a part in making this project a success. From the planners and designers to the on-site construction workers, it was a collective effort that drove us towards this award-winning achievement. Their hard work and commitment ensured that we not only met but exceeded expectations in delivering a high-quality, safe, and welcoming educational space.

Reflecting Our Ethos
Receiving the award for Best Temporary Building Project is not only an honor but also a reflection of our company’s ethos of putting our clients’ needs at the forefront and delivering exceptional results. This accolade serves as a reminder of the impact well-executed temporary buildings can have on communities, especially in times of crisis.

Gratitude to the School Community
We are also incredibly grateful to the school community of SS Simon & Jude CE Primary School for their cooperation and patience throughout the construction process. Their resilience and optimism made our task more meaningful and further motivated us to deliver the best possible outcome.

Looking Ahead
Looking ahead, this award will inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in modular construction. We remain committed to leading the way in creating innovative, sustainable, and effective solutions for all temporary building needs across various sectors.

Thank You
Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who supported us along this journey — our incredible team, our partners, and our clients. Your faith in our capabilities and your unwavering support fuel our passion and dedication to excellence. Together, we celebrate this fantastic achievement, and we look forward to future projects where we can once again demonstrate the power of innovative construction solutions in making a real difference in people’s lives.

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