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Swift Relief with Minimal Disruption

Our portable and modular buildings can be rapidly deployed, offering alternative spaces without prolonged disruption, ensuring a seamless transition for students and staff.

Cost-Effective Options During Asbestos Removal

Choose a cost-effective solution with our structures, providing schools the flexibility to allocate resources efficiently and prioritise student well-being.

Customisable Learning Environments

Find a flexible solution to meet specific educational requirements, ensuring a comfortable and conducive learning environment during asbestos-related projects.

Efficient Construction Timelines

Our expert team ensures swift construction, significantly reducing overall project timelines compared to traditional methods, allowing schools to resume normal operations promptly.

Safety-First Approach

Our structures are designed with safety as the top priority, meeting the highest standards to provide a secure learning environment while asbestos challenges are addressed.

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“The portables are an excellent temporary alternative provision to our original building, and we are looking forward to welcoming the pupils back.”

“Huge thanks to the whole team working on our education village. Everyone has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting the educational journey of our children.”

SS Simon & Jude Primary School
(Disaster Recovery Project)

We understand your challenges.

Disruption to Learning Spaces

Asbestos identification often leads to the closure of classrooms, causing significant disruption to the learning environment.

Costly Asbestos Removal

Traditional asbestos removal methods are not only expensive but also time-consuming, impacting school budgets and schedules.

Logistical Nightmares

Coordinating asbestos removal projects can be logistically challenging, causing additional stress for school administrators.

Extended Timelines

Traditional construction and renovation projects can take months or even years, prolonging the period of disruption for students and staff.


Portable and modular buildings can be employed in various ways to mitigate RAAC-related issues:

Temporary Offices

Storage Solutions


Healthcare Facilities

Customisation & Integration

Portable & Modular buildings can seamlessly integrate with your existing spaces:

Match the exterior design and color schemes to maintain the aesthetic coherence of your site.

Configuration of the interior layout to align with your specific needs, whether for offices, storage, or other functions.

We work to ensure portable & modular buildings adhere to building codes, and regulations,.

We work to ensure portable & modular buildings adhere to building codes, and regulations.

Providing a cost-effective solution compared to traditional construction methods, particularly for time-sensitive projects.