Week 6 at Sea – Rowing 4 Research

The boys went through the three-quarter-way point on Monday, and now they only have 499 miles to go. Every day brings some kind of milestone, however they are aware they must not get too complacent as they are still a long way from home.

The weather has been extremely mixed as of late. When the sun is out it is extremely strong although the boys have said the amount of rain has also surprised them. ?It is not continuous like the stuff I hear about in the UK in recent weeks but comes in showers lasting 10-30 minutes. When it arrives though it comes in style. The whole sky turns grey making it hard to tell sea from sky, the wind builds and it pours.?

Harry and Alex have been blown away by everyones support via email, blog, twitter etc. ?We can’t tell you how important it has been to climb into the cabin once a day and have a private moment going through all the messages, everything from the mundane, truly outrageous and some questionable bits of advice about fighting sharks (we’ll just try to avoid having to do that!). We would like to say a very special thanks to the men of Ridgemount (our boarding house in school days) who held a sponsored row raising ?2836 for our charities. Floreat Salopia!?

Should you wish to donate please visit www.rowing4research.com… The total so far is ?135,618.46

The boys have promised to increase the frequency of their tracker updates (www.rowing4research.com) ?in the days before they arrive so you can see them coming around Barbados to the final goal: port St Charles.

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