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Frequently Asked Questions

Not turning water heaters on until connected to water supply and not covering wall heaters.

Do not cover convector heaters.

Ensure all taps are turned off (especially if you have an effluent tank).

To avoid potential roof leaks ensure leaf debris is cleaned from gutters, especially in the Autumn and winter months.

Sales and marketing suites with electrical shutters – please ensure the emergency shutter winding handle is kept in a safe place external to the cabin for use in power failure emergencies.

Do not fit shelves to the walls, always ensure storage facilities are supported on the floor.

Ensure you get spare keys cut, replacement keys from Portable Offices are not always available.

In winter months during times of no occupation, Holidays, weekends etc. ensure the wall heaters are kept on a low setting to avoid freezing pipes.

If your office is continually or periodically electrically tripping, first ensure your power supply is sufficient to power the building.

Portable Offices initially commission air conditioning and it is then the responsibility of the end-user should maintain yearly servicing, which can be arranged privately or we Portable Offices would be happy to help. Simply contact your account manager for more information.

Firstly, check the consumer unit, all switches are on – Check the fuse spur – Check the bulb, if these are all still working, then please contact the team at Portable Offices.

When logging a call out with our team you will be asked: the contract number or 4 digit building number, a picture if possible and confirmation of site address. Please have as much of this information to hand when calling Portable Offices.

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How to care for your hire unit?

Download our useful ‘How to care for your hire unit’ pdf. You will find best practice and guidance to help with the efficient functionality of your Portable Offices unit whilst it is with you on hire.