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With modular buildings from Portable Offices, the size and scale of a project is not a problem. A modular office building is capable of satisfying larger and more complex requirements, and can act as either temporary or permanent accommodation. All Portable Offices units, even our modular buildings are designed and constructed to last.

There are a number of reasons why erecting modular buildings is a great alternative to building permanent structures. The predominant reason will always be the cost. Temporary and portable buildings from Portable Offices can be designed, constructed remotely at any of our factory locations and then delivered to your site and installed for immediate use; all at a fraction of the cost involved in building a permanent structure.

Another reason that modular office buildings are beneficial to permanent accommodation is the lead time. A modular building can be installed quickly and efficiently, thanks to the years of experience Portable Offices can call upon when delivering our temporary and portable accommodation. Because our modular office buildings are developed remotely, they can be installed with the minimum disruption to your site, meaning that whatever your commercial need for a new structure, your regular business will be interrupted, the very least amount possible.

All of our bespoke modular office building designs are adapted to suit the requirements of the customer and the changing regulations imposed upon these kinds of structures. A wide range of facilities are offered to ensure that your modular buildings can be every bit as equipped as a permanent structure.

Wherever in the country you are based and wherever you need high quality, long life modular buildings, you?ll find what you need at any of our Portable Offices hire and sales centres throughout the UK; including Birmingham, Chester, Derby, Leeds, Luton, Stoke-on-Trent and Telford. Portable Offices guarantee a swift, reliable service, in providing modular buildings, fit for any purpose, regardless of the nature of your site.

We are proud of our reputation throughout Great Britain, because we have worked hard to perfect a comprehensive modular buildings service which guarantees an effective and affordable solution to your accommodation requirements.


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