Workshops are among the many bespoke temporary and portable buildings provided by the immensely popular Portable Offices. With a range of designs and facilities to choose from, available to every corner of the UK, you?re bound to find a workshop to suit you, regardless of your location or your industry.

Our portable workshops can be just as productive a working environment as a more permanent building, especially when they are as spacious, durable and comfortable as those provided by Portable Offices. Perhaps most importantly, a temporary or portable structure will be more affordable that a permanent building. This could be the difference between success and failure in your industry.

All of our previous clients know just how effective Portable Offices temporary workshops can be. They can provide all of the same functionality of a permanent structure, they have massive functionality due to their size and shape and they can be erected on any premises. Choosing a portable workshop from Portable Offices means you can place the building on existing premises and localise the often high levels of noise and human traffic.

Portable temporary workshops by Portable Offices range from fully fitted and electrically equipped connecting work stations to simple, single containers and the entire range is available from any Portable Offices centre throughout the UK. All of our workshops are designed to cater to the needs of the client and a simple discussion with a friendly and helpful member of the Portable Offices team is all that you will need to guarantee the perfect workshop for you and your endeavours.

With hire and sales centres in Birmingham, Chester, Derby, Leeds, Luton, Stoke-on-Trent and Telford, a Portable Offices workshop can be delivered to any site throughout the UK in a prompt and professional manner.

We boast a fine reputation within the industry; not only for the quality of our workshops, but also the efficient way in which we transport them and the amazing price for which they are available.


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